Sign Language/Communication Apps Related to Deaf Education

  • ASL App (Free with additional add-ons)
    The ASL App is created by deaf people to help others learn conversational ASL right now, on the go, with all phrases and signs organized to make it easy for you to learn.
  • ASL with Care Bears ($4.99)
    Designed for kids to learn American Sign Language. Contains 400+ signs and phrases.
  • ASL Dictionary ($4.99)
    The most complete ASL American Sign Language Video Dictionary.  Translate English into ASL, from A-Z, plus the entire numerical system, common English phrases, symbols and much more.
  • ASL Dictionary from NTID ($1.99)
    This ASL Dictionary from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf is a modified version of their popular ASL Video Dictionary and Inflection Guide – DIG.  The program shows 2,700 signs and 650 sentences that demonstrate how signs change, or “inflect”, to convey different meanings.  For example, modifications in hand movements and facial expressions can change the sign for “help” to mean help me, help them, help for a long time, etc. The sentences also show the full range of ASL grammar.
  • ASL Translator ($4.99)
    There are two parts to this app. 1) Text-To-Sign (Signed English) 2) ASL Phrases (ASL)  The text-to-sign portion of this app translates English text into ASL signs. Type in a sentence- see it in sign language. It generates sentences in English word order, but, it is not Signing Exact English. Translation is improved with our Smart Translation Algorithm. Part 2 of this app allows sign language practice.
  • Baby Sign and Learn (free)
    Features animated video demonstrations. Practice by playing the fun interactive quiz and inspire babies to sign with the aid of the colorful flashcards. This app uses keyword signs and allows you to specify your preferred sign language dialect. The full version of the app contains a great selection of baby’s first signs which can be purchased in the ‘Unlock Signs’ section of the app.
  • Baobab ($4.99)
    The Baobab is a story about a curious girl who embarks on an adventure. Contains illustrations and American Sign Language (ASL) storytelling. This is a bilingual interactive storybook app featuring an American Sign Language glossary with 170 English to ASL words.
  • iSign Lite (free)
    iSignLite is the small and free version of iSign.  The full version adds; 800 signs, volume control, the ability to add/remove favorites from the sign play screen, and category quiz mode.  You can try the Lite program before investing in the full version.
  • Marlee Signs (free in intro – $1.99/lesson add-on)
    Learn American Sign Language from Marlee, Academy Award winning Deaf Actress.
  • Sign4me ($9.99)
    A Signed English Translator for learning sign language.  Provides sign language instruction in 3D! The 3D character can be zoomed in or out and rotated to give you the best vantage point for every sign.
  • Signily Keyboard ($.99)
    This is a downloadable keyboard that uses letters/numbers using fingerspelling icons.
  • Sign Language! (free)
    This app is the most downloaded Sign Language app in the world!  Designed to help you learn, words, numbers, idioms, basic sentences, Deaf culture, and fingerspelling.
  • Sign Language 101 ($3.99)
    Contains thousands of American Sign Language (ASL) fundamentals, vocabulary words, idioms, sentences, fingerspelling & quizzes in videos.  Note: These video components will NOT play in devices with iOS7, but older iOS versions will run just fine.
  • Sign Language Pro ($4.99)
    This recently updated app now works on all devices. Learn to sign like a pro with thousands of words formed into hundreds of sentences using common phrases & idioms. Emphasizes correct grammar and sentence structures.
  • Sign Language Idioms, Vol. 1-2 ($4.99)
    This app contains 70 idioms/phrases and sentence examples in sign language.  You will learn how to translate these example idioms into American Sign Language Note: these video components will NOT play in devices with iOS7 at the present moment, but will run with older iOS versions.
  • Sign Language Idioms and Phrases, Vol. 1 ($3.99)
    This app contains hundreds of English words translated into complete ASL sentences. All idioms and phrases in American Sign Language are POPULAR features in ASL Linguistics and Deaf Culture. Note: the video components will NOT play in devices with iOS7, but, will run with older iOS versions.
  • NEW! Signed Stories
  • NEW! TheASLapp
  • NEW! WeSign