Listening Apps Related to Deaf Education

  • Auditory Verbal ($3.99)
    An Auditory Verbal Therapy tool to address the detection and comprehension of the Ling 6 Sounds (plus silence) for individuals with hearing aids or cochlear implants. This app is designed for therapists to use as a quick auditory comprehension check in therapy sessions but may also be used for home practice. The flashcards depict the 6 Ling sounds (and silence) which represent the range of speech sounds across low to high frequencies. The app includes a male voice, female voice, and the ability to record your own voice. To track progress, after each practice session a data chart of correct and incorrect responses is available with space to type your own notes and print or email the results. Designed by a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with Auditory Verbal Therapy training.
  • Cochlear HOPE Words ($1.99)
    A child friendly online app for listening and spoken language. The child simply touches on the words or image and the image will enlarge.  This app also features tips for parent and professional to improve listening and spoken language with children.
  • iHearThat (free)
    Allows children to practice recognizing the Ling 6 sounds in a fun matching game.  There are two levels; Easy: includes pictures as a visual component to the sound recognition, and Hard: requires children to identify the matches by sound.
  • Sound Match (free)
    A unique twist on the classic memory game. Remember the sounds and put them in pairs.
  • Things You Can Hear Lite (free)
    Here is a fun game for children that will keep them quiet as they listen for the sounds.  Children are required to match the sounds to one of the pictures shown.  There are pictures that match the game play.  If the student misses hearing the sound, shake the phone/ipad to play the sound again.
  • Hear Coach (free)
    Designed to help individuals with hearing loss improve their ability to listen in noise.
  • HOPE Words HD ($1.99)
    A child friendly online app for listening and spoken language. This version of the HOPE Words app features the full alphabet for easy learning of the different sounds in the English language.  Simply touch on the word or image, it will enlarge and offer voice narration.