Communication Apps Related to Deaf Education

  • Ava App (free to download but there is a cost after 5 hours of use) This is a speech to text type app for Deaf/Hard of Hearing people to use in one-on-one or group conversations. As others are speaking, the text shows up on the D/HH person’s phone and he is able to follow the conversation.
  • Convo Mobile (free) A video chat app.
  • Five App (free) Send animated sign language messages in ASL to your friends with Five App! Uses signs you choose or text you type or both. Send messages using Five App itself or Facebook Messenger.
  • Variety of Communication Apps for Deaf/Hearing
  • Z5 Mobile (free) A video chat app that allows deaf and hard of hearing individuals to make and receive ZVRS, VP, VCO Plus and HolaVRS calls using a WiFi or cellular connection.